Brooklyn Hip Hop Dance Theatre

4 (Four Seasons)

"The tools of hip-hop, which cause a body to break down and build back up again, give the familiar music a playful edge, even though the dancers aren’t playing around.  The seriousness of the proposition is intriguing, as is the way the dancers refuse to mug. Ms. Utah, lean and muscular, uses her shoulders and arms to convey the sweep of the music; the compact Ms. Alfonso, with a flair for speed in low-to-the ground footwork, digs into the faster sections with attack. Since much of the piece is performed in unison, there is a sense of how two very different bodies approach musicality; one shows its curves, the other its angles"--The New York Times

"The über-familiar score, gently remixed by DJ Boo, provides the accompaniment for the meat of the work, three main duets and one solo, beautiful and private set pieces that celebrate the range of physicality and expression within the group. In the final moments, Weber gathers the seven dancers ever so briefly into an ensemble, before, wonderfully, releasing them, like so many spinning tops, into recapitulations of their earlier sections."-- The Boston Globe


Performance History:

Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival,  Unreal Hip Hop, Doris Duke Theatre, Becket, MA (2014)

One Mic Festival, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC (2013)

Breakin' Convention, The Apollo Theater, NYC (2013)

16 City UK Tour (2012)

Joyce SoHo, NYC  (2012)

Summerstage, NYC (2012)